Why Did Longleaf Pine Once Dominate?

Before the Europeans arrived in the New World, longleaf pine was the principal tree species found in extensive pure stands over at least 70 million acres. Another 10 million acres in stands mixed with other pines and hardwoods. The reason longleaf dominated is that it, more than any other southern tree, has learned to live with fire. The original longleaf forest not only was able to survive the frequent fires…

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How We Saw River Recovered® Logs

Once a load of River Recovered® logs arrives at the sawmill, the first thing we do is measure and ‘scale’ them to determine how many board feet we are buying. There is an industry log ‘scale’ that gives the board feet in the log based on the diameter and length of the log. Sometimes there are significant internal fractures or other issues that affect the board footage that we take…

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